Last ride of the Templars

The Temple of Elemental Evil: Prologue

The exact date from whence the first rumblings of evil began emanating from the region thirty leagues south of the town of Verbobonc is a subject of debate, but one aspect no one disputes is that by the Common Year (CY) 568, A Temple resembling a fortress in size and scale had risen, hosting untold evils within. At this time the temple proper became a beacon for all sects of evil and chaotic forces to gather and be unleashed upon the helpless citizens of the central Flanaess. Evil humanoids and humans oozed from the Temple like a plague over the surrounding lands pillaging and murdering with impunity. In the Common Year 569 armies of Humans and demi-humans united to bring this blight to an end. Human men-at-arms and cavalry from Furyondy and Veluna, Dwarves from Lortmils mountains, Gnomes from the Kron Hills, and Elves from the Kingdom of Celene assembled and marched in force to the epicenter of evil in the realm; the walled citadel called the Temple of Elemental Evil. The unparalleled hubris of the architect behind the temple’s wicked machinations dispatched its horde of evil to meet the united force head on. On the grassy fields south of the Velverdyva River flanked by the Gnarley Forest a conflict now known as the Battle of Emridy Meadows took place, where the cunning strategies utilized by the assembled force of the Flanaess enabled a one sided victory, routing the horde, utterly destroying the malicious host. The united army then marched south assaulting the Temple itself clearing the dreaded tomb in a fortnight and imprisoning the architect within.

CY 579
In the past year rumblings and rumors abound, word of humanoid raids becoming more common, more bold. Whispers say the roads running south of Verbobonc are no longer safe, reports of the frequency of missing caravans’ increasing, merchants employing armed escorts becoming more common place. Citizens accompany scouting parties in an effort to improve their odds of safe travel for at least a portion of their journey is heard from bards and travelers alike.
Recently, malignant forces have revealed a portion of their hand. Five months ago Prince Thrommel, Grand Marshall of Furyondy and eminent Provost of Veluna was abducted, his armed escort decimated, placing tension on the realm as the Prince was betrothed to the daughter of the Plar of Veluna, their impending marriage uniting the two kingdoms, as of now relations are strained. Search parties venture forth to no avail, Veluna suspects subterfuge, Furyondy cries sabotage. The citizens of the surrounding villages, towns, and cities hold their collective breath as the politicians and Lords plot and plan for opportunities. It seemly appears that avarice and apathy will aid in the rise of the Temple forces once more.

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